Classroom Workshop Ideas

The Magic of Becoming a Writer

​Below are suggested activities for the class or group that can be done prior to an author day event or Laura can conduct a writer's workshop or students to help make them better writers. She can also discuss how to get a book published as well as talk about what it takes to be a journalist. As an award winning television reporter/producer and radio anchor in Boston, New York, and Providence, Laura can also discuss how to write and create news pieces for both television and radio. Going beyond the who, what, when, where, why and how.  For older students she can also conduct workshops on public speaking.

Each book is written for a specific age group. To accommodate the entire student body Laura can alter the program to best serve the needs of her audience.

If I Had a Magic Carpet student activities

Kindergarten -Artist-Draw a picture of where they would go on a magic carpet and talk about why they picked that place.

First Grade- Discussion-Draw a picture of where they would go on a magic carpet, with a sentence about their destination and discuss what it means to them.

Second Grade-Presentation-Write a paragraph about what they would do if they had a magic carpet, focusing on ways to spread kindness as demonstrated by Miranda, the main character in the series. Students would then present their story to the class.

Third and Fourth Grades- Reflection-Students listen to a portion of the Magic Carpet Series, then based on their personal experience and knowledge write a story on how they would use the magic carpet to solve the problem presented to them. Topics in the series range from bullying, to stranger danger, to respecting different cultures, to stealing, playing where you don't belong, and Halloween Safety.
Third-Sixth Grades-Group Writing-Based on their own experience and knowledge students in a group come up with a problem then use the magic carpet to solve it. The group would then write their own magic carpet adventure which can include a magic carpet mystery adventure.

Advanced Activities would have writers first discussing the problem or mystery and later work together in developing several plots. The magic carpet mystery writers would come up with several possible scenarios or characters that could create a problem or mystery then piece the plot together. Students would discuss each scenario and decide which one works best. Discussions would include, ways to create suspense for the reader, throwing the reader off track through red herrings, foreshadowing and placement of clues and hints.

Fifth and Sixth Grades-Take a Stance. Evil Ellery is traveling back in time on his magic carpet to the Boston Tea Party. Ellery's decided all that tea could be very valuable to him so he uses his magic carpet to get in good with the Sons of Liberty. Remember, they don't know the secret of the magic carpet, so to them he seems very helpful you might say, magical. After a while Ellery convinces them not to protest the British tax on tea.Write a persuasive letter to Samuel Adams as to why they should go ahead with the Boston Tea Party. Be sure to use supporting details as to why Ellery's idea is a bad one. Writing discussions could include blending fact with fiction.
Fifth and Sixth Grade-Altered Ending-Students choose from one of the books in the If I Had a Magic Carpet series, but hold on, no peeking, before you read the author's ending create one of your own. Later compare the way your imagination took you on this magic carpet adventure.

Round Table Luncheon-Selected Students get a chance to talk one on one with the Author Laura Clarizio and ask questions as to why she wrote the story, paragraph, or even a sentence a certain way.

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