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In this day when few books teach morals it is refreshing to find a book that is based on morals. This is a beautifully written story. It is written simply enough that preschoolers can understand the message. Lisa M. O’Rourke has done a fantastic job illustrating the text. Her pencil drawings are well down and add to the story. The message of this story is to fight evil with good. The plot is well thought out and has enough adventure to hold the child’s interest. I enjoyed this book and intend to share it with my grandchildren. I highly recommend “If I Had a Magic Carpet II” for children 3-7 years of age. ​​​

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Take a Magic Carpet Ride

Laura Clarizio has written a fantastic adventure story for readers ages 8 and up. "If I Had a Magic Carpet" is full of child insight, innocent fun, determination, and of course, magic. Miranda and her magic carpet dash from place to place, helping others along the way. Why have a magic carpet if you can't go to far-off places to help those in need? But as we all know, where there's good...evil is not far behind. Ellery is jealous. He had the carpet before Miranda, but his abuse of the magic carpet grounded him and his wrongful-doings. Now he wants the carpet back! He follows Miranda around, hoping to snatch the carpet out from under her... Will evil get its way? Or will Miranda's helpfulness take down Ellery and his evil ways? Find out by getting your hands on "If I Had a Magic Carpet" by Laura Clarizio today. ​  It's Only Ink

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"The delightful children’s series, If I Had A Magic Carpet, is so much more than simply enjoyable reading. Written by the very talented Laura Clarizio, these books provide young people with valuable lessons that every child needs to learn.
The main plot revolves around Miranda, who happens to possess a magic carpet. The story has many twists and turns, which will keep children on the edge of their seat. Most importantly, through the adventures of Miranda, the young readers will learn the value of friendship, family, and trust. They will also become aware of the dangers of strangers, playing with fire, and not listening to parents.

The message comes across loud and clear; these books are worth reading over and over again. Children love the adventure and fantasy, but also benefit from the underlying themes. I heartily endorse this series. Clarizio is right on target! Five stars!"
Alison Spatola
English teacher, Team Leader
Central Middle School, Parsipanny, N.J. 07405

As a Second Grade teacher, I’d like to recommend Laura Clarizio’s Magic Carpet Series, as books to be used in the classroom. Both were of high interest to the children, and supported my on-going curriculum on positive character traits, anti-bullying, and making good choices. She cleverly weaves this all into her stories, filled with adventure and magic, which capture the children’s attention, and better yet—stimulate discussion.
My children especially liked how issues that pertain to them, were included in the storyline, and many students came forth after the readings, with admissions of both being bullied and witnessing it.

At a time where we are all including character education in our daily lesson plans, this book fits neatly and sweetly into the big picture. I look forward to more in the series, and would love to see a copy in every second grade classroom.
Sandy Lenore  
Anna McCabe Elementary
Smithfield/Rhode Island


I just want to tell you how much I love your books and their life lessons.As the founder and chief executive officer of Love Our Children USA, these lessons are so very important, and what better way than for kids, than to read these stories.
Everyone should be reading your books. They give hope to our children that they can deal with anything. In a world of violence and a host of many other issues, bravo and thank you for making the world a better place for our kids!
Warm regards,
Ross Ellis
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Love Our Children USA

More Teacher Reviews:

​When I first mentioned to my 5th grade ESL class that Laura Clarizio, the author, would be visiting, the cheering was beyond excitement! Laura's animated personality immediately captured the attention of my students. Laura's up close and personal style, as she read Book 3, fascinated the children.  She took the time to pause and explain certain passages, asked appropriate questions to promote higher level thinking, and accepted questions from the students without hesitation. The rapport between author and students was amazing.

My students begged her to come back, and she did! Laura explained that she was in the process of writing Book 4 and needed the help of her readers.  From a writing assignment, she gathered ideas from the children, promising to use some in the upcoming Book 4. If a student's idea was used, then Laura would name a character after the student. True to her promise, one of the students in my class will now be joining Miranda in Book 4.

(Read it to find out if it is you!)
The Magic Carpet series are chapter books that are easy to read, and the storyline is easy to follow and understand. The message is simple, good always conquers evil.
Thank you, Laura, for your continuous effort to promote good readers and good writers.  Your love of both shines!
Mildred Moreira
Gladstone Elementary
Cranston/Rhode Island

On behalf of our students and faculty, THANK YOU for such a Magical Day!  You took the time to personalize each o f your presentations to our  K - 5 students, interact with them, genuinely listen to their questions and ideas, have discussions, ask higher order questions, give them writing suggestions,  provide information on writing as a career and -most importantly - share your love of reading with our students!  

We enjoyed every minute of your visit and the students will remember it for a very long time. I sawmany students reading their 'If I Had a Magic Carpet" book.  They were excited and one could quickly tell that they felt a true connection to the book.  As educators, we strive to bring authentic learning opportunities to the students because we know that these are the ones that will stick with them for life.  

Our Author's Day was a success because of your assistance in planning for the day and your non-stop presentations during the day!  We can't wait for you to return!
Dora D'Amico
Principal/James Madison School #10
Garfield, NJ