Officer Kolton's Magic Carpet Adventures and coloring book

Officer Kolton’s Magic Carpet Adventures was inspired by three-year-​old Kolton Hessman. In his short life he touched thousands of lives. His love for law enforcement united thousands and his memory is a beautiful reminder about the importance of organ donation. Although Kolton never received a new heart, his own heart was full of love. Kolton was made an honorary police officer and, as depicted in these pages, he is a little angel watching over the men and women who serve to protect all of us.

This is the sixth book in author Laura Clarizio’s If I Had a Magic Carpet series. The colorful illustrations and magic seared inside the pages teach children about kindness as well as using their imaginations. Officer Kolton’s Magic Carpet Adventures has him traveling near and far helping officers along the way.graph here.

Here is a link to the audio book 

Officer Kolton's Magic Carpet Coloring Adventures will have your creativity soaring through the clouds. 

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