If I Had a Magic Carpet IV- Traveling Through Time

Ellery’s wicked ways have escalated to an all time high. This time around, his plan to steal back the magic carpet sends Miranda and him soaring back in time. Dinosaurs, Medieval Knights, Pirates, Pilgrims, Native Americans,The Underground Railroad, Thomas Edison, Ty Cobb, Henry Ford, The Boston Tea Party and the Great Depression are just some of the people, places, and periods they encounter. Their harrowing adventures reveal new information about William, the man who gave Miranda the magic carpet.

Once again it is up to Miranda to save the day and make sure Ellery does not ruin history.Students from around the country picked all of the places we visit in this chapter book, intertwining fantasy with historical facts. 

This book is good for the advanced reader ages eight through eleven. If you are just starting out check out books one through three.A glossary is included to help you navigate through this exciting magic carpet adventure.